He is head of the Arcadia Movement, an organiztion for people with psychic powers. He uses Psychic deck. Like Aki and his deck, he has psychic powers. Aki looks Divine as an idol but he's only using her and plans to create an army made of psychic soldiers to get revenge on the world for rejecting them.

When Carly invades the Arcadia Movement, Divine proceeds to duel her and throws her off the building. However, she is revived as a Dark Signer, duels him again and wins, throwing him down the long stairs of the building. He is presumed dead, however later he returns with no injury but a scar. While Misty thinks that Aki is the one who killed her little brother, Tobi, it was actually Divine himself during one of his experiments. When Misty finds out about it after Yuusei records Divine's story, Misty orders her monster to eat Divine.