Kazuma Yagami

八神 和麻
Age: 22 Height: 176 cm estimation Real name: Kannagi Kazuma Kazuma is a former member of the Kannagi household. He was banished from the family by his father after he was defeated by Ayano during the Successor Ceremony for the Enraiha his familys sacred sword. Since Kazuma is a son from the main family making him the legitimate successor even his own father considered him a disgrace for lacking the power to use fire magic his familys specialty. Four years later at the age of twentytwo he returns to Japan as a skilled master of the wind arts. Though he was not responsible for the killings in the Kannagi household that began to occur upon his return to Japan he is still prepared to start a war with his former family. The Kannagi family quickly finds out that the meek and powerless Kazuma they once knew is now more powerful than any of them which frustrates Ayano to no end. The secret to his new power is his status as a Contractor meaning that he has made a contract with the king of the wind spirits making him one of the most powerful magic users in the world. This contract manifests in a physical change which causes Kazumas eyes to turn blue. Before being exiled from the Kanagi family Kazuma was a kind caring boy who only wanted his familys love but after being cast out for being powerless his personality took a dramatic turn. In the four years after his exile Kazuma becomes much more cynical about the world around him especially in maters concerning love due in no small part to how his family treated him for being powerless. With his wind power Kazuma tends to look down on members of the Kannagi family finding it amusing and ironic that the very family who cast him out for being powerless are now the powerless ones themselves compared to him.