モモタロス, Kamen Rider Den-O

Momotaros (モモタロス, Momotarosu?) is the first Imagin that gives Ryotaro his power, which allows for the Sword Form transformation. He can also sense when an Imagin is rampaging in the city, subsequently alerting Ryotaro immediately. His natural weapon as an Imagin is a sword named the Momotarosword (モモタロスォード, Momotaroswōdo?). Momotaros blames Ryotaro for his Oni-like form, though it matches his personality, best described as hot blooded, arrogant, and comedic, serving as a foil to Ryotaro's own shy and cowardly personality. In fact, Momotaros is more interested in fighting than carrying out the Imagin's goal. Unfortunately, he is constantly beaten by Hana when he gets Ryotaro into trouble. When he possesses Ryotaro, declaring the words "Here I come!" (俺、参上!, Ore, sanjō!?)[1], Momotaros's own personality takes over, giving Ryotaro power, confidence, and a bit of his eagerness for a good fight. His eagerness is shown in battle, where he always declares the words, "I am, from start (to finish), at the climax!" (俺は最初から(最後まで)クライマックスだぜ!, Ore wa saisho kara (saigo made) kuraimakkusu da ze!?). Momotaros is also somewhat selfish, initially fighting alongside Ryotaro in order to ensure his own survival. Though he unknowingly places Ryotaro in unneeded danger to suit his fancy, Momotaros eventually learns to respect him and his desire to protect others. Though he demands respect, Momotaros is usually put in his place by Hana and her powerful punches. He also does not know how to swim, has a narcotic reaction to red peppers, and seems to be afraid of dogs. While he acts hostile and demeaning to the other Tarōs, he does care about them, proven by hiding his anguish while they are slowly disappearing due to the events of the Climax Scene. Momotaros is the base for Den-O's Climax Form, as he has control of the head and torso and can control the other sections that the other Tarōs usually have primary control of if need be. However, due to the newly-formed Junction Point, Momotaros's synch with Ryotaro is negated. However, his power is now accessed in the DenKamen Sword's Momo-Sword Mode. Since then, Momotaros makes it his task to train Ryotaro to fight on his own, being evasive on his reasons for it. But once Ryotaro learns the truth, both he and Momotaros have a falling out. Momotaros, enraged at Ryotaro for his decision to fight without the Tarōs, fights Den-O Plat Form to test if Ryotaro can really back up his words. After Ryotaro divulges his resolve, Momotaros apologizes to him for being evasive about the recent events and the two went on to destroy the Armadillo Imagin with the other Tarōs at their side. On his own, Momotaros can perform his style of Den-O's Extreme Slash, referred as "My Finishing Attack, Momotaros Version" (俺の必殺技モモタロスバージョン, Ore no hissatsu waza Momotarosu Bājon).