Lyon Vastia

リオン・バスティア, Reitei

Lyon is a former student of Ur. Like Gray, Ur trained him when he was a child to use ice magic. Since meeting Ur he came to desire surpassing her at all costs, reading her magic books in secret to learn spells more powerful than what she was teaching him. After Ur gave her life to save Gray from Deliora by encasing it in ice, Lyon blamed Gray for depriving him of his chance to surpass her. Lyon performs his ice magic with one hand, a faster though less reliable alternative to Gray's two-hand magic. Similarly, unlike the static ice creations Gray makes, Lyon's ice takes the form of animals that can move about after their creation.

He later returns as a member of Lamia Scale, along with Sherry and Rock-Iron Jura to aid their alliance in the defeat of the Oracion Six. He also changes his magic style to use both of his hands during his fight with Gray with Racer.

The childhood Lyon is voiced by Sayaka Narita in Japanese and by Leah Clark in English.