Lucy Maria Misora

ルーシー・マリア・ミソラ/るーこ・きれいなそら, Ruuko Kireinasora, Ru
Lucy is an alien girl who doesnt have much expression and doesnt have any friends. In the anime she introduces herself to Takakis class as Ruuko Kirei na Sora which means beautiful sky. She meets Takaki in the sixth episode of the anime but we see her in an earlier episode without any dialog. She refers to herself as Ru the name of her home planet and the beings on it and to earth and earthlings as Uu. She greets people by reaching for the sky and saying Ru Himeyuri Sango in particular enjoys mimicking Lucys greeting. Lucy has a cat that almost drowns in the sixth episode but it is saved with the help of Takaaki Lucy summons a thunderbolt which splits a tree forming a bridge which Takaaki crosses to lift the cat out of a raging river. Lucy terms this stray cat the Nya saying that it is a special species that can enjoy the true taste of food and like Ru Nya is alone on Uu. Lucy likes to cook the Nya fish broiled over a charcoal clay pot which according to her is the best cooking device available on Uu. Apparently a currency of Ru is matchsticks one of which is enough to buy a whole rocket engine. Lucy irritates the cafeteria cook of Takaakis school by attempting to treat Takaaki to the best meal the cook can prepare by paying the cook first one then two matchsticks however Lucy is somehow able to successfully purchase her charcoal clay pot and fish to br with matchsticks. Lucy says that on Ru it is said that the only good Uu is a dead Uu but Takaaki is a special Uu.