A Gravity Child that first appear at Trick 227, as an intruder, with Nike and 3 other "new Gravity Children", attacking Kogarasumaru, Falko and John Omaha. Possessing great power, it is assumed by many fans that he's going to be one of the members fighting the Sleeping Forest in the Gram Scale Tournament .He is seen displaying great intelligence in noticing Agito's awareness of him around. He is always seen smoking even in a battle, with acessories and clothings belonging to the 'goth' genre. Gawain controls the Gladius Road. Using an AT with a whip like edged weapon, it is safe to assume that it is a road that injures the opponent like the Bloody Road. The wheels for his ATs are the Ball Roller type,similar to Aeon Clock's AT. It has shown no special abilities, as of yet. It is noticeable that he is extremely fast and athletic, as seen in the Battle of Osaka where he fought Yoshitsune (albeit being repeatedly outwitted). An example is when he slice off Yoshitsune spectacles with his AT blades without making visible motion. (from wikia)