Edward R. Krotznik


Birthday: May 15th Place of birth: Romania Family: Father, mother and younger brother Height: 1,80 m Bloodtype: AB Zodiac: Taurus Likes: Pretty things, chess, justice Dislikes: Direct sunlight Weapon: Bite Rose and Gabishi, a sword Chloe was born Edward R. Krotznik in the Romanian territory of Transylvania. Chloe's story is currently unfolding in the Side B manga, so the reason he changed his name to Chloe is not yet known. Orphaned at a young age, Edward was adopted by a British family and moved to Great Britain where he went to private school. Because of his red hair and Transylvanian origin, Edward was tormented by his classmates, who called him a vampire and accused him of drinking human blood. He was befriended by a fellow student, Christine, also known as Chloe, who was from a wealthy family and stuck up for Edward when he was being bullied. It is assumed that Edward changed his name at some point to Chloe in honour of his friend. Not much else is known about Edward during this time other than his adoptive parents died and he worked in the school gardens to help offset the cost of school. Christine often told Edward that he smelled like the roses that he cared for. Edward reappeared as Chloe when he met Aya during a mission with Mihirogi in New York to assassinate the head of the gang, "Blue Eyes." Chloe's weapon is the "bite rose," or gabishi, a metal stiletto with a red rose curled around the shaft. The rose is able to release its petals, each of which turn into a small explosion. He also creates the "cage of cusp," a net made of rose vines that virtually cannot be cut with any weapon. Chloe's "companion" is Trabant, an owl, who acts as Chloe's messenger, delivering messages to those he needs to communicate with in private. So far it is not known how the two became acquainted and Chloe is quick to insist that Trabant belongs to himself, not to Chloe. --- Sources: http://www.weisskreuzsideb.com/ http://mellow-candle.com/main.html