Real name: Unknown Birthday: Unknown Place of birth: Liechtenstein Family: Unknown Height: 1,85 m Bloodtype: 0 Zodiac: Unknown Likes: Michel, reading Tarotcards and peace Dislikes: Frogs Weapon: Tarotcards and Singauta Very little is known about Free's life before Side B. He was a member of Kryptonbrand's first team, Side A, and carried out their missions, such as the executionof Michel's parents. The Side A team went missing in action [[when did they go missing?]] and the Side B team was created with Chloe and Michel to take up where Side A left off. While investigating "orphan drug," an illegal drug that was tested on the street kids of New York, the Side B team found Free being held captive as a test subject for the drug. Free was incoherent and violent, and it was only through Michel's insistence that Free not be killed, that he was brought back to Kryptonbrand alive. Upon recovering from the effects of the drug, Free suffered a complete memory loss. Michel became devoted to Free, teaching him how to speak again and how to accomplish everyday tasks. Free became the sixth and final member of Side B. The bond of friendship between Free and Michel is strong and the two are rarely without each other, even on missions. Free is a highly skilled tarot card reader, often informing the team of future events with the flip of a single card. He fights with singuata, two large blades. --- Sources: