Real name: Unknown Birthday: Unknown Place of birth: America Family: Unknown Height: 1,58 m Bloodtype: Unknown Zodiac: Unknown Likes: TV and videogames, Love Dislikes: Medicine Weapon: Brandish Rowan Yuki was found abandoned on the streets of New York one snowy day by Orphan gang member, Akagawa, who named him Yuki, meaning "snow," because it sounded like a peaceful name. Growing up as an Orphan member, Yuki became very attached to Allison, the girl that helped take care of him. She tried to instill in Yuki that violence was wrong and that he should break the cycle. Orphan was at odds with a neighboring gang, Blue Eyes. It was while fleeing from the gang that Yuki, having stolen from them a large sum of money, found Aya lying on the street bleeding from a stab wound. Despite his injury, Aya defended Yuki, and, in return, Yuki talked Allison and Akagawa into bringing Aya back home with them to tend to Aya's wounds. Blue Eyes later attacked the Orphan hideout, but with Aya's help in showing the kids how to defend themselves, they survived, though Yuki's partner in the robbery was kidnapped. While attempting a rescue with Allison and Akagawa, Yuki was injured and nearly blinded and Allison was taken hostage. With Yuki's help, Aya defeated Blue Eyes and Yuki discovered that Orphan had been betrayed by Akagawa, who had killed Allison for not going along with his plans. So that Yuki could keep his promise to Allison not to kill, Aya killed Akagawa for Yuki. After the defeat of Blue Eyes, Aya left Yuki behind in New York to go to England to meet with Richard Krypton. After deciding to join the Side B team, Aya returned for Yuki, who agreed to join Side B to get even with those responsible for Orphan Drug and Akagawa's betrayal. Yuki is highly skilled with the computer and usually serves as the team communicator during missions. Yuki's weapon is the Brandish Rowan, though he has yet to make his first kill. --- Sources: http://www.weisskreuzsideb.com/ http://mellow-candle.com/