Teg (テグ, Tegu ) is the other half of the Celestial Warrior Urumiya and Hagas' elder twin brother. Because Teg is imprisoned by the former emperor of Hokkan, Hagas effectively obeys Temudan's orders in hopes of being reunited with his brother should Hagas kill Uruki and the remaining Celestial Warriors. Hagas is apparently very close to him and becomes agitated with his inability to help his brother. Teg's powers allow him to effectively paralyse and disable the powers of all the Celestial Warriors of Genbu by singing. He also possesses the power to create a gigantic psychic barrier, protecting the entire capital of Hokkan. Chained up in Hokkan's imperial palace, Teg's appearance has not changed for seventeen years, similar to PVS. According to Emperor Tegiru, Teg has only reacted to stimulus once, about two years before the story begins. When Uruki, grief-striken with the death of Soruen, attempts to create a tornado to destroy Touran, Teg spontaneous reacts and begins to sing. His singing disables all the Celestial Warriors' powers for a period of time and forms a powerful barrier around Touran that Uruki is unable to break through. When Uruki loses consciousness, Teg becomes catatonic once more.