The second member of W.I.S.E. introduced, he has the appearance of a young teenager and wears a distinctive black helmet with a fin on the crest. He appears to be a swordsman, with the ability to materialize swords. He along with Dholaki appear along with Miroku in his declaration of war in the second version of the future and it is assumed he was there in the unchanged future. It is later revealed that he has a job has a janitor in a disbanded orphanage in order to look for Caprico to convince her to join WISE. It is later revealed that he was part of project "Grigori" and was known as #05. His PSI ability is called "Bishamon-Mura" and takes the form of hundreds of fragile swords that float in the air. When they break the pieces drop down and cut the enemy to pieces. He also has shown ability "Bishamon-Tsubute" by using a knife medium, he stabs/slashes towards an enemy and more solid knives to penetrate or to slice at enemies. He lead the assault on Tenju's Root, and nearly kills Ageha if not for the timely intervention of Asuka, who manages to injure him using the newly discovered PSI ability known as Nova.