Gwindel is the cellist of the inofficial Grand Orchestra. He is a true giant and speaks very rarely. Little is known of his past, although it seems to be very dark and still to have a huge impression on his mind. He mostly appears gloomy and thoughtful and develops a close friendship with Eles. He seems to hold a certain grudge against Lucille for unknown reasons, nevertheless he obeys to his orders. Gwindel rarely needs weapons and more relies on his physical strength in combat - nevertheless he carries a giant chainsaw. He is the driver of the mortuary car in which the Orchestra travels. As a pet he keeps a little hedgehog which mostly lives inside of his tophat. He indicates that the hedgehog had been the pet of his daughter, who presumably died. He seems to see kind of a substitute of her in Eles. His arms seem to be reveiled to be those of a Guignol. Nevertheless he seems to be immune to the virus and uses his arms without any complications. It is unknown how he aquired them and what happened to his real arms. (Source: Yuki Kaori; Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan)