Pharao Sphinx

天獣星スフィンクスのファラオ, Heavenly Beast Star

Age: 18 Birthday: November 19 Nationality: Egypt Height: 178 cm Weight: 69 kg Blood type: O Pharaoh was once one of Hades' most favored Specters due to his musical talents on his Demon Harp and the guardian of the second prison in hell. However, when one of Athena's warriors, the Saint called Lyra Orpheé arrived in hell to free his love, Pharaoh was ordered by Pandora to trick the Saint so that he would remain in the underworld forever and be a part of Hades' army. This led much to Pharaoh's chagrin, when Orphee became the new favorite musician of Hades. The Sphinx Specter came to resent the Saint since then and would do anything to reclaim his favored position. When the Bronze Saints of Pegasus and Andromeda arrived at his prison, he sent his beloved pet Cerberus on them but with little effect. The Lyra Saint suddenly interfered and made the Bronze Saints unconscious while saying to the Specter that he were going to dispose of them. Pharaoh didn't believe him completely and followed him, and just as he expected the Saint had tricked him and let the Saints live. In his joy to finally be able to dispose of the Lyra Saint, Pharaoh revealed that he was the one that had tricked Orphee. This did however backfire as it made Orphee very angry, and in a fierce battle of lethal music, Sphinx Pharaoh met his end.