Ryoko Ueda

上田 良子

Ueda is a student of Fujigaya who befriends Akira in her second year of high school. She is very tall and is the same height as Fumi. Ueda always has a calm expression on her face, and it reflects her personality, as she is not very easily ruffled and is not outgoing or outspoken. She prefers to stay out of the spotlight though curiously, she does not shy away from people or doing things. Ueda is recruited by Oono Haruka to play a role in the Drama Club's new play despite her protests that she prefers to read plays rather than re-enact them. She however complies and takes a position on stage. She is Akira's newest confidante as Kyouko is in another class. Ueda is rather amused by Akira's antics and finds the shorter girl to be very cute. She reminds Akira of Fumi sometimes. Much to Akira's relief, Ueda is very considerate and caring as she revealed to Akira that she finds the gossip in the class about the teacher to be crass and rude. Ueda works in the library as an aide.