Aldred van Envurio


Aldred, is the adopted son of the headmaster of the vampire school which is Kain van Envurio.And is said to be the most unlikely vampire at the Mercenary Specialized School and a failure, as he is the only vampire there to not have a Lineage Weapon, which all vampires are born with. Nonetheless his friends among his team, which he leads, have seen his dedication and genius, so respect him. Aldred is the vampire protagonist, who was born without a Lineage Weapon. He has spiky black hair with white bangs at the front. He is very powerful physically, but still cannot compare against Lineage Weapons, which he is quite bothered by initially, thought he tries not to show that. He is greatly respected by his fellow team mates, as they recognise that he is not a failure. He meets Kei, who is assigned to his team by his father, and drinks his blood in order to draw out the Holy Lance, so they can fight the blood-drinking Vampires. It is revealed that only a Vampire without a lineage weapon can touch the Holy Lance. He becomes very "thirsty" after drinking Kei's blood, because his body desires blood, in order to get power after experiencing the Lance's power. He even attacks Kodachi at one point, luckily Faye stops him in time. He really despises drinking blood, even fake blood. He initially refused to drink Kei's blood because he thought that would make him like the vampires they were fighting against. He uses a Nail Bat twice in the manga.