白虎のガイ, Byakko no Gai
Zeus gave him the Armor of Byakko. Byakko is the White Tiger of the West Autumn. Long blonde haired with black highlights at the tips wears a white qipao with long sleeves black pants and black colored flat shoes. Tends to be a little childish inventive but most of the time his inventions were useless and full of energy. He has an affinity for felines. He likes to play pranks on Rey but same as his inventions it always fails and is good friends with Maya. Gai has the ability to control and channel the laws of nature. When they descended on Earth he has this favorite TV show called Venom Saint that shows an animation of their recent encounters or more like a chibi version of them that is drawn rather differently and seems like Maya also has taken a liking to it. Also he liked the concept of convenience store and wishes that Heaven also has one. In terms of his age appearance on Earth he is 19 years old and is 170 cm tall 55 56 if rounded off. Source: Wikipedia