A student in Kira's art club who drives much of the plot of the second volume. He has a lot of technical skill as an artist, but as Rei observes, lacks emotion in his art. Kurasawa lashes out, recognizing the truth in this due to his lack of inspiration. Under pressure to perform well at an upcoming citywide art competition and desperate, he steals Kira's drawing of a mother and child to base his painting on. After he wins Kira attempts to confront him, but he dismisses her claims, calling it a coincidence. Enraged, Rei beats him up in his own classroom and attempts to break his fingers, but is stopped by Kira.

After Kira begs him to return the drawing so she can finish her painting for Rei, Kurasawa realizes its importance and leaves it on Kira's easel in the art club room. He apologizes to Rei, explaining his reasons for stealing the drawing, and later attempts suicide by jumping off the roof of the school. He survives but requires an extensive recovery period, and does not return to school.