Examinee #246 during the Hunter Exam. Ponzu is the only prominent female who managed to enter the last few stages of the Hunter exam. Her secret weapon lies in the big round hat she wears, which carries powerful bees under the surface that emerge and attack people that threaten her. Although Ponzu is a relatively minor character in the series, her cute and girlish charm has won her some fans who voted for her in an early Hunter popularity poll.

During the fourth stage of the Hunter exam her bees kill Barbon when she falls into his trap. She is rescued by Gon, Leorio, and Kurapika, but her tag is taken by Leorio when she is unconscious, and she is therefore not able to continue to the last stage of the Exam.

In Chimera Ant arc after Pokkle was knocked out, she immediately runs for it. Knowing that Pokkle won't be eaten immediately, she rushed to write SOS messages in blood and uses her bees to bring the message to the strongest Hunter nearby. When she finally decided to go back to the border, she is shot and eaten moments later by an officer from Zazan's squad.