瞬, アンドロメダ星座の瞬, Andromeda, Shun of Andromeda, Shun de Andromeda
Perhaps the most reluctant of the bronze saints Shun is the official Bronze Saint of the Andromeda constellation. He is a merciful soul by nature and a firm believer in solving problems without causing bloodshed. This creates a sharp contrast between himself and the rest of the Saints: Whereas they will not hesitate to battle when the situation demands it Shun only allows himself to fight if its an absolute necessity or when his almost endless patience wears off. When any of these things happen Shun becomes an extremely vicious fighter. Shun comes off rather badly in the Movies and Asgard arc. In almost every fight scene he almost always loses and needs his brother Ikki to rescue him except against Mizar Zeta Syd the one time Shun defeated a foe in either the Movies or Asgard story. However in the Sanctuary Poseidon and Hades storylines Shun comes off as a good if reluctant fighter. In Sanctuary he manages to hold his own against Gemini Saga and even manages to kill Pisces Aphrodite both of them Gold Saints. In Poseidon he acquits himself nicely defeating Io the Southern Pacific Mariner General of Scylla and Sorrento the Southern Atlantic Mariner General of Siren. In Hades he manages to dispatch various opponents. As a result he comes off looking much better in these arcs than in the Movies or Asgard though he may be reluctant to fight he will when he has to and is just as powerful or skilled as any of the other main Bronze Saints Shiryu Hyoga etc. Source: Wikipedia