Hideki Hinata


Hinata is a bright young guy and everyone likes him for his kindness. He is very popular to new students as he has a helping attitude towards his juniors and newcomers at school. He is comedy relief in some situations and a pervert in others. He will always try to save his comrades if he can and is a reliable force in the team. He is the protagonist of the novel prequel "Angel Beats-Track Zero."

He is the co-founder of SSS along with Yuri. Hinata is found by Yuri in the afterlife right after his death, and she kept harassing him because she was amused by his reaction. The reason why he nicknamed Yuri "Yurippe" is because she shares same name of his mother during the time he was alive. In Episode 4, a hint from his past shows that he could have possibly died of drug abuse, though in Track Zero, it is revealed that his cause of death is getting hit by a truck. When Yui wanted to get married, Hinata stepped up and proposed, seriously, that he wanted to get married to Yui so that she can be happy. This fulfilled Yui's desire and so she disappeared.