Wataru Mitani

Wataru is the main character of the movie and the most influent character in the show. He is a young boy who is currently in the 5th grade. He befriends Mitsuru after an incident in an abandoned werehouse where Mitsuru was tied up and was being bullied by 6th graders. He then finds out about the quotGate to the other worldquot where his wishes could come true. He decides to join Mitsuru and go into the other world because he was told by his father that their parents were going through a divorce...things worsen when Wataru comes home and find his mother on the ground with an illness. He goes through many hardships but is always seen with his friend Kee Kema and Miina who join him on his hourney He keeps collecting Gems and was even awarded a bracelet for capturing some criminals. After a while he starts finding out about actions being taken by Mitsuru and decides to confront him...he then finds out the truth about Mitsurus past and something changes him...