Kyousuke Kousaka

高坂京介, Kyou-chan
Height: 175cm Kyousuke is an average highschooler has average grades lives in an average family uppermiddle class with a father mother and sister and has average physical features. Currently he attends an average high school with Manami later Kuroneko as well he begins the story as a firstyear but he becomes a secondyear during the events of the novel. As far as future plans he intends to attend the same local university as his childhood friend Manami. At the beginning of the series Kyousuke and his younger sister Kirino have a distant relationship. Kyousuke says that they entered a cold war of sorts a few years ago but the details of this cold war have yet to be revealed. After years of coldness between the two things suddenly change when Kyousuke finds one of Kirinos adult games and learns that she is an otaku. Through this he tries to be a supportive older brother while realizing that he knows very little about his sister for example Kyousuke was oblivious to the fact that she was a model a track star and one of the top five students of the prefecture. Kyousuke feels somewhat belittled by Kirinos accomplishments but he learns to take pride in her. After discovering Kirinos secret hobbies Kyousuke provides Kirino with life counseling at her request. During this life counseling Kirino forces Kyousuke to play eroge. Kyousuke now considers himself to be a bit of an otaku and often refers to situations and people using otaku terms e.g. flag events tsundere yandere. Trying to be a good brother Kyousuke offers to accompany Kirino to her offline meetup. This introduced him to Saori and Kuroneko both of them have become his friends. Additionally Kyousuke is friends with Manami one of his childhood friends. Some of Kyousukes classmates assume that Kyousuke and Manami are going out but Kyousuke denies this. When Akagi asked Kyousuke if he would be okay if someone started dating Manami Kyousuke said that he would be uncomfortable with the situation. Kyousuke is a goodhearted character and is extremely loyal to his friends and Kirino. Hes willing to take risks for them and help them at any cost. When Kuroneko started attending the same high school as Kyousuke she was without any friends however Kyousuke joined the computer research club with her despite being ignorant about anything concerning computers in order for her to meet new friends. He has shown the same amount of concern for other friends as well as his sister on several occasions.