Kyousuke Kousaka

高坂京介, Kyou-chan
Height: 175cm Kyousuke is an average highschooler has average grades lives in an average family uppermiddle class with a father mother and sister and has average physical features. Currently he attends an average high school with Manami and he begins the story as a firstyear but he becomes a secondyear during the events of the novel. As far as future plans he intends to attend the same local university as his childhood friend Manami. At the beginning of the series Kyousuke and his younger sister Kirino have a distant relationship. Kyousuke says that they entered a cold war of sorts a few years ago but the details of this cold war have yet to be revealed. Kyousuke is a goodhearted character and is extremely loyal to his friends and Kirino. Hes willing to take risks for them and help them at any cost.