Kirino Kousaka

高坂桐乃, Kiririn
Birthday:Apr 8
Height: 165 cm Kirino is Kyosukes younger sister. She is mature for her age with a cold tsunderelike personality. She has a strong little sister fetish and owns many adult games with older brother/little sister themes relying on a modeling job to pay for them. Despite this she states she does not know why she started liking it though it is suggested that she has a brother complex and is using the games as a surrogate to this. She often denies such feelings and believes the 2D and 3D worlds should be kept separate. As a student Kirino possesses a keen focus to studying and athletics. This attitude of hers when it comes to school activities has rewarded her with aboveaverage marks even as she enters the career of modeling. She developed a sort of perfectionist attitude due to becoming an overachiever which eventually made her more prone to struggling when the odds are against her. When these moments come however she displays a more passive side. Upon her initial interactions with Kyousuke she demonstrates a bossy and abusive attitude. Although she maintains this attitude she slowly tries to open up to her brother at times reluctantly expressing gratitude on things that Kyousuke has done for her.