Chiaia Furan


Lashara's personal escort, charged with protecting her life at all costs. She also attends the Holy school to complete her Seikishi training. She's very skilled at combat, and is able to imitate Kenshi's unusual Seikijin fighting style after only seeing it once. She has a crush on Dagmyer, which causes her to ignore clues regarding his schemes until it's too late. She frequently gets upset with both Kenshi (due to his cluelessness) and Lashara (due to her seemingly-reckless schemes), and Chiaia's temper is one of the few things that Lashara seems to be wary of. While not happy about it, she agrees to go along with Lashara's scheme to hide the fact that Kenshi is the Seikijin pilot that tried to kill her. Her Seikijin is pink and red with a fox-like tail. She tends to get exasperated with Kenshi whenever his fixation with crystals comes up, and calls him the "Boss of the Koros" for his habit of digging up the ground for crystals. Chiaia at first tends to regard Kenshi as a nuisance who might make Lashara look bad, but after a while becomes a sort of big sister figure to him, and later on she becomes romantically attracted to him, though she never admits it out loud. Her sister is Mexiah and her father is in charge of the barrier workshop.