Maria Nanadan VII


The young princess from the country of Havoniwa, currently attending school along with Lashara. She and Lashara are cousins, but they are not fond of each other and attempt to engage in constant one-upmanship. She is very close to her servant Yukine, and is rarely seen without the latter. Maria is the daughter of Flora, and along with Lashara is frequently embarassed by her mother's antics. She figures out early on that Kenshi is the pilot of the white sekijin, and often plots to make Kenshi marry Yukine, so Maria can claim ownership of him. Maria is very bad at manual labor, and often sits under an umbrella with Lashara while others work around them, and complains about how tire she is, even though she does no work at all. Her cooking skills are equally bad, as evidenced during her participation during the pot-dish battle, since she always has servants who cook for her.

After the fall of Havoniwa's palace, Queen Flora puts Maria in charge of government matters in order to give her experience for her eventual rise to the throne. Just before the battle to retake the Holy Land, Queen Flora and King Shurifon conspire to have Kenshi marry Aura and Maria, which flusters Maria into speechlessness.