Comte de Saint-Germain


A Poet who works for the Duc de Orléans. He issues orders both through mouth and a journal he writes into, the words will then appear in the other copies his followers carry.

He confronts Queen Marie and tries to use the psalms to kill her but he underestimated her power and fell to the combined power of her and the newly arrived Maximilien who betrays him. However he survives and retreats to his hideout where he contacts Lorrenza and Count Cagliostro. He is betrayed and crushed by rocks, but survives and even transforms to a gargoyle. He is defeated by both Louis and D'Eon/Lia.

In the manga, Saint-Germain plays a far more important role as a handsome mystery man hired by the Marquise de Pompadour to investigate her daughter's illness. Douglas immediately takes a dislike to him (assuming he is a criminal) and delights in antagonizing him.