Mikage is a young boy, a transfer student to boarding school Shyourou Gakuen and the main character of the manga. Apparently he has no known surname. It is even unsure if the name he uses at the moment is his real one, for it is likely that his teacher and perhaps also his carer, Kugiuchi gave him the name Mikage. His age is also uncertain, however, because he is put into class 1-A, he should be, or at least bears the features of around thirteen. He is suffering from memory loss, and is unable to recall anything of his past or about himself before he was put under the care of Kugiuchi. However, it is revealed shortly after the beggining that he was a being of another world, possibly a parallel universe, and had come through the projection screen Kugiuchi was using to observe the other world. As an anomaly to the world he had newly entered, every little effect Mikage's actions has on his classmates has a big impact on his own world. It is up to Mikage to follow his teacher's commands, in the form of "homework" with a certain time limit, to put things right with his classmates every now and again to save the lives of the people of the other world. Mikage is usually a sweet and slightly awkward boy, but there are times when it is like a totally different person switches places with him. For some reason, every time he is assigned a "homework" and ends up in a panic situation as the time limit draws near without the problem being solved, he goes into a rather pessimistic mood, uncaring of how things turn out. At this point, something snaps in him, causing his character to suddenly change into one of a bad mouthed, straight forward person - normally, this strict way of forcing a classmate into the verge of self defence, or self declaration of their worries or feelings, helps solve many cases with them, although there are exceptions. No matter what, things (so far) has worked out at the end. Because Kugiuchi's aid was the only thing he had of his own when he started the school, he feels obliged to keep following the teacher's orders and bringing back the peace to class 1-A, which is, undoubtedly, filled with some strange people. He is also constantly blackmailed by Kugiuchi that his school, boarding, and other's fee was sucking his wallet dry, so the least he could do was keep the balance between the classmates, and so the world Mikage came from. Mikage also brings Kugiuchi some snacks he mostly made himself every time he is called for an order, even in courtesy or to calm his mood (which is almost always bad), only to have them slapped away onto the floor before proceeding to his briefing. However, it is clear that while Mikage's trust in his teacher is still uncertain (though not without good reason) he does depend on Kugiuchi a lot.