Silver The Hedgehog


Silver and his friend, Blaze, live 200 years in a devastated future, their time period destroyed by an immortal creature called Iblis, the Flames of Disaster. Despairing over the fact that they have no way to truly defeat Iblis, Silver and Blaze encounter a mysterious being named Mephiles, who claims that he can stop the Flames of Disaster by destroying the "Iblis Trigger," a being who will unleash Iblis. Mephiles points out the Iblis Trigger to be none other than Sonic, and he sends Silver and Blaze to Sonic's time period. Upon reaching the past, Silver and Blaze are separated. While searching for Sonic, Silver meets Amy Rose, who is also looking for Sonic. Silver and Amy help each other in their search for Sonic, though they are both unaware they are seeking out the same person, as well as what they plan to do with him. Upon finding Sonic, Silver attacks him, only to be stopped by Amy. Seeing how much Amy cares for Sonic makes Silver question his motives but, upon reuniting with Blaze, strengthens his resolve. Infiltrating the base of Dr. Eggman, Silver recovers a Chaos Emerald and keeps it for himself. Silver encounters Sonic again, only to be stopped and attacked by Shadow. Shadow overpowers Silver with his use of Chaos Control, but Silver, in an attempt to strike back, takes out his Chaos Emerald and utilizes Chaos Control at the same time as Shadow, creating a rift in time and space. In order to find answers to their respective questions, Silver and Shadow enter the rift and find themselves ten years in the past when the failure of the Solaris Project (an event known in the present to have caused great devastation) occurred. They arrive during an explosion that injures or kills all within its radius and releases Mephiles and Iblis, revealed to be two separate forms of the god Solaris. Silver chases after Iblis, who is sealed away by the King of Soleanna into the body of his daughter, Princess Elise, with a Chaos Emerald. Before he succumbs to his injuries from the explosion, the King tells his unconscious daughter to never cry, as it would unleash Iblis. Silver then realizes that Mephiles has tricked him and that Elise is the "Iblis Trigger". Before returning to the present with Shadow, Silver gives his Chaos Emerald to Elise. Realizing that Sonic isn't the Iblis Trigger, Silver is informed by Blaze that Princess Elise has surrendered to Eggman and was taken away on his battleship. Silver and Blaze fear that Eggman plans to release Iblis. On his way to rescue Elise, Silver encounters Sonic and teams up with him. Before they can reach Eggman's battleship, it crashes and explodes due to a system malfunction. Silver and Sonic use Chaos Control to travel back to before when Eggman's ship launched. Sonic travels to the past alone to save Elise from her grim fate, but not before giving Silver a Chaos Emerald. Silver and Blaze return to their timeline in an effort to stop Iblis, now knowing they don't have to alter the past to save the future. Finally defeating Iblis, Silver attempts to seal the Flames of Disaster away into his soul, but he is rejected. Blaze offers herself as the vessel for Iblis and is sealed away to another dimension, finally restoring peace to their time. (from Wikipedia)