Gai Daigoji

Jiro Yamada
Born Jiro Yamada he insisted that Gai Daigoji was quotthe name that belongs to his soulquot and angrily asserted his quottruequot name whenever someone used the quototherquot one. A rabid Gekiganger otaku he was an official pilot and arrived three days ahead of schedule when he learned they would be piloting actual robots like in the anime. Fueled by his devotion to the show Gai had a fierce intensity in and out of battle and was angry and resentful towards Akito for being the first one to engage the enemy stealing quothis destinyquot even though he had a broken leg and was unable to fight. The two were soon able to bond over Gekiganger although Gai couldnt understand why Akito would rather be quota dumb cookquot than a robot pilot.