Alice Liddell

A mysterious girl that has some connection to Alice.

The real world: Alice Liddell and Lewis Carroll had a good relationship with each other. They were in love with each other, you could even say that they were lovers. However, Lewis had not once even kissed Alice. Lewis was a writer, and Alice enjoyed hearing him tell her his stories. Alice Liddell's pet cat, Dinah, who later abandoned that name and took the name of Cheshire Cat, picked the brother out of the rubbish bin and saved him. Dinah loved Alice Liddell as she was his mistress, and he her pet cat. But the brother was hardly human in appearance, having been destroyed by Lewis. Dinah travelled to various different worlds, looking for body parts to rebuild the younger brother. Slowly, bit by bit, Dinah put the brother back together, specially getting blue eyes and blonde hair just like Alice Liddell's. Dinah named the younger brother Alice. Alice loved his elder sister, Alice Liddell, deeply. He was in love with her in the romantic sense. Dinah and Alice both decided that Alice had to travel into Wonderland to save Lewis Carroll and Alice Liddell, who were both trapped inside that world. The White Rabbit was in love with Alice Liddell, whom he found wandering around Wonderland, which was completely empty at that time. He decided to protect Alice Liddell at all costs, and named her Marianne.