Cheshire Cat

チェシャ猫, Dinah

Height: 180 cm Hobbies: Brushing up against the places people don't want to be touched Birthplace: "Since I'm just a thrown away cat, I don't quite recall~" Special Skill: Stalking Personality: The Worst (so say the inhabitants of Wonderland) Favorite Type: "Isn't it the person who becomes my mistress?" Desired Pet: "That's no good- pets can't keep pets, you know." Favorite ZeroSum Series: Gakuyaura (楽屋裏) Cheshire cat usually stalks Alice. Most of times he is seen always smiling and with a polite attitude, but in reality he hides a secret of his past, related to Wonderland itself.

He was the one to kill the 88th Alice/Regret and it is also him who gave the "power" to the White Rabbit to re-write the story of Wonderland. Cheshire cat was Dinah, the black cat of the real Alice, but in Wonderland he keeps his human form. His second owner is the replacement of Alice, the Duchess, a little girl who he addresses as "his mistress". Although he ignores the Duchess most of times and tries to avoid her, later it is shown he developed feelings for her. He saves her from being killed once but after that he decides to stay passive in order to not change the story, even knowing the Duchess will eventually be killed. When the Duchess says goodbye to him, he turns his back and leaves to a dark corner, where he sheds a tear. Later, the Queen of Hearts kills the Duchess, and he is seen in the arms of a prostitute holding on to her in the bed but with a desperate feeling of sadness and loneliness.

-- Dubbed by Inoue Kazuhiko in the CD Drama.