Sophia Forrester

ソフィア皇帝, XO
Sophia Forrester is the Silvanas nineteenyearold first officer and holds the title ViceCaptain. Another graduate of the Anatoray Officers Academy along with Vincent Alzey she is one of the few people Alex Row trusts and is often seen left in command of the ship when the Captain is out in pursuit of his own agenda. Interestingly Sophia was assigned to be an onboard spy to reveal data anything to the emperor but Sophia fell in love with Alex and never revealed anything compromising about Alex. Somehow the whole crew either figured it out or they found out Sophia was a spy but also truly loves Alex and wont betray the Silvana crew. Her feelings for Alex and sometimes reveals too much much to Rows chagrin in his sometimes snarky comments to her. Sophia is of royal heritage and the daughter of the Anatoray emperor.