Nuwangi is the son of the local lord who lives near Yamayura and nephew of the late emperor of Kenashikourupe. He was raised by Tusukuru and was a childhood friend to Eruruu, however, he has abandoned all sense of respect for common villagers and acts as a part of the army in the name of his uncle. After usurping Benawi as Samurai General, Nuwangi uses his own personal army to crush one innocent village after another, even those that did not side with Hakuro. After he is defeated by Hakuro, Nuwangi is brought to the rebel HQ for punishment, which is left up to Eruruu. Not desiring any revenge, she allows Nuwangi to go free, much to his shock and bewilderment. She bids Nuwangi farewell as he wanders down a road into the morning mist, and is never seen again.