Ooedo Chakichaki Musume

Goodenough Girls,Genuine Great Edoite Girls

Three girls who protected Edo from Him, as revealed in episode 30 (Edo eventually became Tokyo City; see History of Tokyo). A long time ago in Edo, when Him was terrorizing its citizens, a man named Kennai Hiraga, who is modeled after Hiraga Gennai, created the special substance "Kennainum He," the original Chemical Z, and poured it on three girls: Momo, Omiya, and Okou. The substance changed their appearance, giving them new hairstyles (now similar to their present day counterparts) and kimonos (the bottom portion is shorter than normal, resembling mini skirts, the colors match the Powerpuff Girls Z, and their sashes are black with the symbols of the Powerpuff Girls Z), as well as their own powers and weapons. The three were given the name Goodenough Girls ("The Good Enough Girls" in the English dub) and their purpose was to stop Him from causing more damage to Edo. The three faced and successfully defeated Him, whose weakness to the cold became his undoing. Together with Kennai Hiraga, they were able to drain Him's powers and seal his body in a coffin. The Oh-Edo Chaki-Chaki Girls can be seen as the heroines who preceded the present day Powerpuff Girls Z and may in fact be their ancestors. Because of his defeat, Him has a deep hatred towards the Oh-Edo Chaki-Chaki Girls and directs that hatred towards the Powerpuff Girls Z for their resemblance to them. Similarly to the Steamypuff Girls from the original Powerpuff Girls cartoon, they both stopped a great villain from a previous era. (Wiki)