Mitsuiro Tokuan Shoujou

猩 徳庵 蜜色

Mitsuiro is the current head of the Shōjō Family, one of the Red Feather Families of the Takayanagi Family Flying Phoenix. She is the 17th person to be the head of the Shōjō Family. She seems to be named after her ancestor in Feudal Japan, Tokuan Shōjō, and seeks to continue his work. Despite her last name and place as the Shojo Family's head, she is actually a member of a Shojo branch family. Since Sōhaku Kago took over Tokuan's body it ended the Shojo family bloodline. Mitsuiro's family was a relatively weak family that uses inter-family marriages to strengthen their powers back to the true Shojo Family's level over time. Mitsuiro is one of the three female characters in Tenjho Tenge that has a small chest (the others being Madoka Mawari and Raika Rotsukaku). She has a tattoo/pattern on the left side of her face that extends all the way across to the other side of her nose. She is in love with Hirohiko Myouun Kabane; they also both share the goal of continuing their ancestors work. Sadly she is unable to marry Hirohiko given her family tradition obligates her to marry within the family. However, she doesn’t like being referred to by her last name, she even threatened to slap Hirohiko for using it.