Rokka is a five year old witch who has the ability to use transformation magic allowing her to turn into what she pleases though she has not yet mastered this technique. Rokka fell in love with Ich and followed him into the human world to enter the magic exams so that she may see him. Her partner for the exams was G who is also her caretaker. She often transforms into an older more beautiful version of herself to try and make Ich fall for her sadly her efforts are in vain. In the sequel there is a two year time skip so Rokka is now 7. She follows Ich to the human world once again when he takes the second part of the exams. Since she is not eligable to enter this time she plans on helping Ich pass the exams. Rokka is often jealous of Ichs close relationship with Nina and often insults Nina for that reason. In the sequel she is no longer jealous of Nina but is still not very fond of her. Her constant bratty attitude makes her a rather amusing character as does her constant chase after her beloved Ich. In the epilogue Rokkas attempts of over 10 years to make Ich love her finally succeed. She marries Ich and they have a daughter together.