Yuki Nagato

Age: 34 1617 Physically Height: 154 cm 5 0.5 Occupation: Student grade 11 Integrated Data Sentient Entity Humanoid Interface Yuki Nagato is a quiet high school freshman that is the only member of the SOS Brigade that was not voluntarily arrested or coerced into joining by Haruhi Suzumiya. When Haruhi claimed the empty Literature Club as the SOS Brigades clubroom Yuki was found reading there. Haruhi claimed the clubroom and Yuki as part of the Brigade both of which she didnt mind. She lives alone in the same apartment complex as Ryoko Asakura. She wears glasses and her school uniform at all times only discarding the former after Kyon babbled that she was cuter without them and that he wasnt a glasses man and the latter when the SOS Brigade went on vacation.