Lu Jing

She is Feng Lan's best friend. She is going to the same university as Feng Lan. Lu Jing seems to be easily attracted to good-looking guys. This is shown in an earlier chapter when she found out that her professor, Ming Ju Wen/Gui, is playing Second Life and heard rumors about how gorgeous Prince is, making her determined to meet them. In Second Life, Lu Jing plays as a Daoshi, a job which requires the use of scrolls and talismans to cast various spells for attacks and defenses. When she first met Prince in the game, she and Yun Fei, both Xiao Lan's and her best friend in real life, wwere under attack. They were saved by Prince who was covered in a cloak to avoid them discovering that the peron that saved them was Prince(Xiao Lan). Lu Jing and Yun Fei called Prince "Dage" as they do not know his/her name. Later on, they betrayed Prince by pushing him over a cliff after stealing the headband of the Demon Lord from Prince. Prince forgave them when they reunite a few days after the event. Prince, Lu Jing, Yun Fei, Sunshine and Kenshin returned to Infinite City by riding on Sunshine's flying carpet after rescueing Sunshine and leveling up.