Shintarou Murase

Shintarou is the Prime Minister of Japan. A weak and indecisive man who believes he is on the highest office of Japan thanks to sheer luck, he was visited by Akumetsu and given a simple, yet chilly ultimatum: since he believed in the Prime Minister's plans, Akumetsu offered him to take upon himself the task of killing all those who he deemed evil, that is, all the corrupt personnel of the Japanese political and economical world. In the meantime, he gave Prime Minister Murase one month to succeed in his restoration plans, or be faced with Akumetsu's wrath and killed himself if he failed ("failing" including also his resignation from his office or lack of will to accomplish his plans, much to his dismay). It was Murase who coined the nickname Akumetsu, because when he first saw Shou with his mask and an intimidating black suit, he called him an akumetsu, a destroyer of evil.