Isumi Saginomiya

鷺ノ宮 伊澄
Isumi is a blackhaired girl who is always wearing a kimono. Another one of Nagis close friends she and Nagi met at a party a long time ago. When all the other children Sakuya included laughed at Nagis first attempt at writing her own manga Isumi took interest in it and asked Nagi how it ends Nagi then asked Isumi in a childish sense to marry her. Like Nagi Isumi is very rich. Unlike Nagi Isumi is softspoken kind and can cook well. While she does not have an awful sense of direction she constantly gets lost due to the fact that she is apt to forget her destination though she is able to disappear from peoples eyes instantaneously. She has feelings for Hayate and does not wish to see him sad. Source: Wikipedia