The Adams

ジ・アダムス, Ski Adams

Height: 204cm/6'8", Weight: 115kg/253lbs, Choujin Power: 850,000. A UFO themed Chojin from California. He is named after George Adamski. Ranked Number Four in the Hercules Factory. He was originally assigned to the Tohoku region. Early in the manga version, The Adams served a larger role as a supportive character for Mantaro, and remained faithful to the young prince. He later joins Mantaro, the Kid, Gazelle, and Seiu in their battle against Kevin Mask and his team. After the DMP was defeated, he returns to his post and joins the other second generations to train at the Ryogoku National Martial Arts Stadium, where he spars with Apollonman. He later makes an appearance to witness HF Second Year Replacement matches. He was also featured briefly in the first Nisei movie, during the Seigi Chojin fan appreciation day, where he is seen giving fans his autograph. Later on he helps out in the fight against The Cyborg, but is easily defeated. Trademark Technique: UFO Clutch. He first appears as a fan submission on the cover art for chapter 374 of the original Kinnikuman. wikipedia