Brocken Jr.

Blocken Jr.

Brocken Jr. is the son of German Nazi Zangyaku Choujin (残虐超人, Brutal Superman) Brockenman (ブロッケンマン). He looks very similar to his father and wears the same uniform. However, he never portrays any Nazi beliefs. Because his father is murdered by Ramenman he initially hates Ramenman as his father's enemy, but after being touched by his greatness they enter into a sensei and pupil type relationship. He later joins Kinnikuman and the Idol Choujins and defeats many an Evil Choujin with his young German Spirit (ゲルマン魂, Geruman Tamashii?). Unlike his father, Brocken was raised as a Seigi Choujin (正義超人, Justice Superman), although he'll sometimes fight in his father's brutal style. The Brocken Family of which he belongs is human, and when a young man reaches adulthood he is given a Totenkopf (ドクロの徽章, Dokuro no Kishou) to wear on his uniform, which turns him into a Choujin. The proof of his Choujin body is the Swastika tattoos that appear on his arms. His name was originally spelled as Brocken Junior (ブロッケンジュニア). And like his father, his name comes from The Brocken. wikipedia