ジェロニモ, Beatlebomb

Geronimo is a young Native American of the Cherokee tribe who was born a regular human. His eyes are partially hidden behind his forelock and he has brown skin. As a boy his life was saved by a Choujin (later revealed to be the God of the Superman Road) and from then on he yearned to become a Choujin. Because of this he hides that fact that he is human and takes part in the battle against the Devil Knights. During the Five Story Ring battles, he shows that his Choujin Tamashii (超人魂, Superman Spirit) exceeds that of a Choujin by defeating Sunshine in a tremendous victory. Afterwards he passes the trial of the Superman Road (スーパーマンロード) and becomes a true Choujin, later participating in the Universal Choujin Tag Tournament and the Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne. He is usually seen carrying a tomahawk and a hunting knife with him, but he hardly ever uses them. Nisei character Chaos appears to look up to him, as they are both humans fighting alongside Choujin. He refers to himself in the first person as Ora (オラ) and ends most of his sentences with Zura (~ズラ). Also, he refers to the other Idol Choujins as Senpai (先輩, seniors). In the anime, he speaks with a Tōhoku-ben. wikipedia