Saiga Furinji

風林寺 斎賀, Ichiei,John,One Shadow
  • First appearance: Battle 192 Age: 38-39 Type: Unknown (Likely both Sei and Dou) Type: Satsujin Ken Yami Symbol: Shadow * Martial Arts: Fuurinji Style Martial Arts Fuurinji Saiga is the current One Shadow of Yami's One Shadow Nine Fists, the master of Kajima Satomi, and the father of Fuurinji Miu and the lost hero of Ryozanpaku. In his youth, Saiga appeared to have been a very kind and merciful man, sparing any opponent he fought to end the bloodshed. He fell in love with Shizuha and wished to have her hand in marriage. In the present from what can be shown so far, Saiga appears to be very ruthless, his constant fighting having possibly been corrupted from the fighting and constantly wanting to fight strong opponents. With Yami, he most likely rules them in fear and treats them with no proper respect. He has an odd habit of always hiding his face from the other members of Yami when talking with them. It's strongly implied he is the one that killed his own wife, Shizuha and left his own daughter in the cold to die so he could fight, suggesting he no longer cares about his own family. However, in his first full appearance, he showed to still care deeply for his daughter's safety as he willingly came to save her from Jenazad's brainwashing and from getting killed. He has also shown compassion, such as genuinely thanking Kenichi for protecting Miu and states he's a man worthy of being trusted. Also, despite being an apparent follower of the Satsujin Ken, Saiga has shown to be merciful to his enemies, as defeated his opponents and intentionally didn't kill them, even giving Menang medicine to treat his injury. Saiga was raised by his father, Fuurinji Hayato, who trained him rigorously through the principles of the Katsujin Ken, which he would uphold until later in his adult life. Akisame said that he was his best friend. At some point in time, he defeated James Shiba, who supposedly let his guard down, and damaged his right eye and left leg. Saiga met Shizuha while observing birds in the mountains. However, he had trouble in obtaining her hand in marriage, as the Kuremisago regarded her as a religious symbol, fearing to place her in the hands of someone too strong. The Kuremisago split over this, some siding with Saiga and against their tradition and others continuing to uphold it, fighting with each other around the globe. Saiga was able to hold his own in many of these matches without having to kill anyone. However, as the battle dragged on, he began to take up the Satsujin Ken belief. This was noticed by his father however he decided to turn a blind eye until after Shizuha's death, which is heavily implied to be Saiga's doing.