Christopher Eclair

  • First appearance: Battle 146 Type: Sei Type: Satsujin Ken * Martial Arts: Savate Christopher Eclair is a member of Yami's Assassination Division and a master class user of Savate. He has a rather effeminate appearance and hairstyle and is often mistaken for a woman. He has grey hair and wears a dark red coat with white gloves and has blue pants and dark boots. He is rather vain and blunt as his first response when arriving in Japan was how dirty it was. He also has no problem using human shields, especially when it comes to using the elderly and children, something Shio Sakaki hated him and Mycroft for when they worked together for the United States. He is also somewhat sadistic as he claims to enjoy killing, because he finds it fun. He has no problem in kidnapping children such as Kenichi or killing anyone in his way. Christopher also has female aids work alongside him on missions and has them all wear the same perfume as him. Christopher appeared when he was assigned to kill Gauche Wynne. Gauche hired Sakaki to act as his bodyguard while he brought Kenichi along to help teach him about Yami. At first Eclair attacked Gauche's limo, but discovered he wasn't there. He then discovered that Sakaki had taken Gauche on a train to throw off Christopher, but he managed to find them and board the train. Sakaki and Christopher began to fight, but Sakaki was put at a disadvantage because Eclair continually used children as shields to distract Sakaki. After infuriating Sakaki by threatening Kenichi, Christopher was punched off the train only to have captured Kenichi for a hostage trade. Christopher later has Sakaki meet him at the twin towers and drop off Gauche at the opposite tower while he waited with Kenichi in the other. Sakaki dropped off Miu, disguised as Gauche, and jumped from one tower to the other and fought against Eclair, until Gauche distracted him and Eclair tossed him through a window and down to the street. Eclair then fought both Kenichi and Miu, who arrived with Sakaki as backup, and nearly killed them had not Sakaki arrived in time and, mistaking the scene as Christopher's rape of Miu, thoroughly pummeled him. He was defeated and sent to a police hospital, where he escaped authorities and left Japan.