Tirawit Koukin

ティーラワィット・コーキン, Narashima, Shishioushin
  • First appearance: Battle 188 Age: 17 Type: Sei Type: Satsujin Ken Yomi Symbol: Flame * Martial Arts: Muay Thai and Muay Boran Tirawit Koukin is a member of Yomi, a Muay Boran practitioner, and the disciple of Agaard Jum Sai. His nickname is Narasimha, which translates to "Lion God King". Tirawit is Thai with dark colored skin and tribal tattoos over his face. He also has blonde hair and has eyes with black sclera and red irises. Koukin is often shown wearing a formal dress suit. He is also quite handsome, garnering the affection of many high school girls, some who stare at him as he walks past. He shares many traits with Tanimoto Natsu, the hairstyle, hair color, body-build, and even the cold, rational personality. Koukin is a calm individual and likes to plan ahead, he is also incredibly intelligent as he can make a 100% correct analysis of a person quickly. This is likely his default personality even when training, as even his master has only seen him while he was calm, and was surprised that he was fighting with anger because Agaard presumably tied with Apachai. Koukin also is a master of mind games, as he easily manipulated Kenichi into recklessly fighting him. His calm and calculating nature puts him as one of the strongest members of Yomi and a ruthless fighter, putting Kenichi on the defense for nearly the entire first fight. He has also shown to be an expert teacher, as he managed to teach an entire karate club Muay Boran attacks with enough ferocity to catch Kenichi off guard, though he only taught them offensive moves. This likely stems from his experience with Agaard. It is revealed as Koukin is a Sei type fighter and that he has been taught to "attack his enemy's attacks", as opposed to simply defending against them. As a result, his ability to counter his opponents' moves is incredibly high, able to dish a counter to Kenichi's Korui Nuki while being hit, diverting some of the attack's power to Kenichi and standing up calmly after being launched.