Tsutomu Tanaka

田中 勉
  • First appearance: Battle 218 Age: 20 Type: Sei Type: Katsujin Ken (also shown Satsujin Ken traits) Martial Arts: Ancient Martial Arts (Tenchi Mushin Ryuu) Tanaka Tsutomu was a participant of the D of D tournament. He is a married office worker with a child named Satoshi. He is reaching the peak of normal Martial Arts and is ready to cross the border to master class. Tanaka was the disciple of the original Tenchi Mushin Ryuu master, Kai Midou, who trained alongside Ogata Isshinsai during their training days at Ryozanpaku. However one day Ogata used his master in martial art experimentation and killed him, who was affected with an unknown illness, leading him down the path of revenge. During his training days he met the daughter of his master, and was smitten with her much like Kenichi is with Miu (which is hinted to have caused tensions between him and his master), and later they got married with a shotgun wedding at 18, he freely admits that he was "whipped" by his wife (though adds that Kenichi would receive a similar fate when he gets married). He apparently learned one of the Elder's 108 techniques, Kazoe Nukite, passed down from the Elder to Kai and later from Kai to Tanaka. He has a seemingly timid and carefree personality, even taking a phone call from his wife during a match. He also seems to be borderline naive as his initial ignorance of the robbery suggests, though this seems to be a facade to hide his true ruthlessness. Nonetheless, he is a devout follower of the Katsujin Ken, though allows his emotions to override him to the point where he veers on the edge of becoming a Satsujin Ken. He considers the fact that he would have killed Kenichi because he wasn't able to hold back his Wooden Neck Cross, and that Kenichi held back his punch upon seeing the elder stop Tanaka's attack, as an indication of his defeat.