Yin Lin Chou

超 殷琳
  • First appearance: Battle 201 Age: 18 Type: Sei Type: Katsujin Ken (Formerly Satsujin Ken) Martial Arts: Chinese Kenpo (Bā Guà Zhǎng) Chou Yin Lin is a practitioner of Bā Guà Zhǎng and the female member of the Santoryu. Chou Yin Lin is commonly seen with dark-looking eyes not unlike those of Alexander Gaider and Tirawit Kokin. She starts of the battle with the Ryozanpaku team during the D of D tournament, quickly tracing circles around Kenichi and Miu. After Yo Tekai is defeated, she duels with Miu. She is defeated when Gaku Shin Ten throws his fan at her and causes her to be hit by Miu's punch. She is currently on the run with Gaku and Yo from the Black Tiger White Dragon Alliance and is being sheltered by the Ma family. While riding a train with her teammates, she is unable to defend herself as effectively against the assassins sent after the three due to the narrow confines of the train. After Kei Retsumin is defeated by Apachai Hopachai, Chou works with Gaku and Yo as minimum wage workers to repair the restaurant and to save their lives.