Lacie Baskerville

レイシ, Child of Misfortune

Birthday: Jan 17 Lacie was a black-haired girl, and also a misfortune child for having red eyes. She used to live in the tower Alice lived in, located at the Baskerville's mansion. She'd easily go against Glen's orders and then leave the tower by herself whenever she felt like doing so. As stated by him, she would usually find someone around the city to pet and hang around with.

After having a fight with her brother, Oswald, she ran away and found Jack on the streets when he was 15 years old. She started chatting with him even though he showed that he couldn't care less about her. Lacie found him interesting because he wasn't scared of her for being the misfortune child. After spending some time with him, she had to use her chain, the B-Rabbit, in order to help both of them who were teased and hurt by some men in the city. Before leaving Jack, she told him that they could meet again if he wanted to, he just needed to remember the Baskerville's name. She gave him one of her earrings, as a memento. When she was still young, the previous Glen, Revis, asked her to help him with his "experiment". He wanted to give the Core of the Abyss a vessel in order to be able to control the abyss. Lacie wanted to take away the Abyss' solitude by giving a body to it. She was pregnant by Revis and then was cast into the abyss at Oswald's ceremony which was hold to make him the new Glen. And then she gave birth to the Alice twins into the abyss.