Phillipe West


Phillipe is from a wealthy family and his mother had died, but he loves his father very much. Oz saved Phillipe from some bullies. Oz saw a reflection of himself in Phillipe and was happy that his father was not like Oz's own. Phillipe was then attacked by Echo, who was in pursuit of an illegal contractor. Oz thought that Phillipe was the contractor, but it was actually his father. Phillipe's father made an illegal contract to try and bring his wife back to life, but lost control and was eventually killed by Vincent.

After the death of his father, Phillipe was taken to the Nightray's orphanage at Sabrié. There, Oz meets him again. Oz tries to apologize for not being able to bring his father back, but surprisingly, Phillipe is in denial and says that he has received letter from his father.

(Source: Wikipedia)